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The Invoke and Release®

Healing Circle

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It’s like having too many apps open in your brain,  and you can’t perform as well.  Even if you have clarity of what you want, you will feel stuck
 “People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.  Out of a fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
We try to do the best we can in life while avoiding feeling uncomfortable.  



Only Available in
The Invoke and Release®
Healing Circle 

✨ This easy-to-follow introductory course assists you in releasing emotional blocks that hold you back, and empowers you to take steps towards your goals! 

✨ This easy-to-follow class not only exposes hidden barriers to your success, but also includes healing exercises to bring you closer to your dreams and goals.

Join The Invoke and Release® Healing Circle

This course includes:

*Please note: This healing class is a prerecorded

community love group class.

Each class includes a short discussion and a healing exercise.

Class One: Letting Go of Your Commitment to Safety
This class explores what Adverse Childhood Experiences are, and how they are impacting you now.
We learn about how cellular memory in your body may keep you stuck in life and of course, we do a healing exercise to integrate and let go of the past.
Class Two: Your Body as Your Healing Ally
Did you know your body gives you messages when you are ignoring something? 
Maybe you get a headache when it’s time to do something you dread. Maybe you get digestive issues when your in laws tell you how to raise your kids.

This class takes you through an exercise to tune in, listen and trust the wisdom of your body.
Class Three: Seeing Through the Seduction of Negative Thinking
This class explores the quality of your thoughts, how we habitually think a certain way, and an energy psychology healing protocol to shift the negativity bias away from limiting beliefs.
Class Four: Codependence: Your Obstacle to Personal Success
We discussed what the characteristics of codependence are, and how to identify it in ourselves as well as other people.
This will assist us in paying attention to co-creating healthy dynamics with our friends, family, coworkers and partners. After the healing exercise, you will feel safer and freer to set appropriate boundaries with yourself and others.
Class Five: Ancestral, Family, Gender and Cultural Agreements as an obstacles to Your Dreams
We look at how these influences can hold us back from our own dreams from fear of rejection and no longer fitting in.

We introduce the Invoke and Release®️ method for gentle healing and letting go.

We introduce the Invoke and Release®️ method for gentle healing and letting go.

You will feel:
✔ Expanded vibrancy and lightness in your body
✔ Enhanced self trust in identifying where you might be holding yourself back
✔ Increased confidence to set boundaries and put your dreams first
✔ More empowered to use the tools you learned in your everyday life


When you enroll, you'll also get these awesome bonuses:


Five 60-75 minute videos guiding you through your healing

Receive ALL five class when you sign up! Watch healing classes at your own pace!

*Please note: This is a previously recorded community Energy Healing class that
has been edited down so each class has several shorter videos for easier consumption.
Join The Invoke and Release® Healing Circle

How Do I Prepare for my Healing Classes?

Think of this as sacred time for you as if you have scheduled with your healer, coach or therapist.
 It may be helpful to have:
  • a glass of water ready to hydrate
  • a pen and paper to take notes, or download your PDF
  • tissues, if needed
  • privacy, feel comfortable at home, and are fully present.
  • a location you feel at ease without interruptions.
If you are driving and believe you will be distracted, it is recommended you watch when you are fully available.
Energy clearing classes work best when the body is prepared for release. Starting each class with a short guided meditation will get you grounded and present for your healing.


These are some of the things to expect when taking classes:
There will be a discussion on the class theme, followed by energy healing. 
In the prerecorded class, you will see that Freda used remote muscle testing to ensure participants were thoroughly releasing stagnant energy. For your convenience, most of this has been edited out. 
You will still be able to release without the muscle testing as you tune into your body to hear what it needs.
At times during the course, you may hear Freda coughing, yawning or taking deep breaths. There is no reason to be concerned. Sometimes this spontaneously happens when obstacles are being removed.
Often people report feeling better right away and feel the impulse to stop the healing while we are in the process of clearing.
I encourage you to continue clearing throughout each prompt to be sure it is complete.
You may feel emotional, or fatigued during or after the class, but you will generally feel energetically lighter after the session.
I recommend you drink water during and after a clearing.