Easy Tips to Release Procrastination and Self-Sabotage

May 31, 2024

Why We Procrastinate

Procrastination and self-sabotage happen to all of us sometimes. You know, like writing this blog for example.  Even if we want to do the task and know exactly what to do, we can feel that sense of dread and overwhelm.  This can be even worse if we don’t know what to do because it can easily stop us in our tracks. And it’s a whole other layer of conversation if you’re on the ADHD spectrum, because then there is the involuntary “out of order” sign on your executive functioning when it’s time to work. 


In This Blog, You'll Learn:

  • 4 common reasons behind procrastination and self-sabotage
  • How cortisol imbalance and uncomfortable emotions can derail us
  • Why we mistake "shoulds" for "wants" in setting goals
  • How a negative belief linked to achieving your goal can trigger negative thinking patterns resulting in avoidance
  • Examples of "exits and buffers" we turn to for quick relief


There's usually an underlying belief or unresolved trauma or executive functioning issues that contributes to us stopping. This doesn't only happen with big, major projects. It could be something like getting work done, doing chores around the house, running errands we've been avoiding, or tackling a bigger goal like starting a new business.


Here are some examples:

  • Cleaning out the garage or spare room that's been put off for ages
  • Finally sitting down to outline and start writing that book you've been talking about
  • Doing the prep work to launch a new business - planning the systems, branding, website, etc.
  • Even just getting yourself to buy necessities for the home that you don't really feel like picking up


In all of these cases, even though we really do want to achieve the goal or finish the task, something trips us up along the way. The good news is that there are some really common reasons procrastination tends to happen and insight into why can help us overcome it.



4 Common Reasons Behind Procrastination

I want to bring up four common reasons why procrastination happens. Remember - it's not your fault, it's just part of being human!


  1. Your cortisol levels might be too high or too low. 


This doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong. But as clients hear me saying all the time, everyone has a different margin of error.  If you’re mostly healthy with a neurotypical brain, you can eat poorly, stay up late, and your brain still works, even if you’re anxious.  While others can get sensory overload easily, feel foggy headed just looking at a croissant, and can be nonfunctional the next day.  Our constitutions are all different. Factors like thyroid or gut issues can impede your focus and energy.


When you're revved up with anxiety, you might automatically jump into other people's agenda, and next thing you know, you’re in  auto mode and reacting to other people’s perceived fires rather than thinking about your own priorities. 


Tips to support you:


  • Quick mini-healings
  • Clearing stuck energy
  • Dissolving thought patterns


  • EFT tapping utilizes the body as a healing ally to motivate action and rebalance your system
  • Meditations you can play in the background while getting ready


These tips rebalance your cortisol so you can identify your highest purpose for the day. If you just look at your whole to-do list, you'll feel overwhelmed and probably do nothing. Remember, resetting your high cortisol will activate your frontal lobe, and you’ll be able to concentrate again.  


  1. We get uncomfortable with our emotions or feelings about a task.

For example:

  • Some people feel embarrassed about going to the gym until they lose weight or look better in workout clothes. So, they put it off, and then feel shame.
  • Others procrastinate business tasks because thinking about them brings up feelings of being overwhelmed. So, they stop taking action.


Tips to support you:

    • Dialog with the inner boogeyman. What is it saying? What belief is creating this emotion? Remember, our feelings follow our beliefs.
    • Picture your emotions as tiny and you are 50 feet taller than all your emotions. (Client’s tell me this is really helpful). 
    • Activate your inner mentor to say, "Even if you’re uncomfortable, you totally have got this!” 


  • Make your goal bigger than your fear.  For example, going to the gym and reminding yourself, “I have a right to look like this because it’s how I look!”



  1. We haven't fully checked whether a goal is a "should" or a "want" for us personally.


Have you done inventory lately to see if you really want to do something, or if it’s a “should" from another era of your life?  


For example, many folks love cleaning because it makes them feel peaceful and relaxed. But for me, cleaning is just not my favorite, and was part of my “should” inventory of my past.  No thanks. (Hey, I still like a tidy home, I just don’t want to do it.)


So, if the thought of tidying up brings dread, consider this - if your hourly rate is $100 and it takes 2 hours to clean, you just paid $200 for that job. Maybe it's better to hire help.


Similarly, if your business feels stuck but it's your dream, it could be time to hire a mentor rather than struggle alone to see if it’s time to let go of the “should” part of your dream, and design your business based on what you need now. 


Tips to support you:

  • If a task doesn't light you up, take it off your to-do list or delegate it.
  • Get clear on your true "wants" versus "shoulds." This helps you prioritize what's really aligned.


  1. You may have a negative belief linked to achieving your goal. 


This happens to all of us. 


For example:

  • You might want to lose weight because you believe it will make you feel better about yourself. 
  • You think making a million dollars will finally provide safety.
  • If starting a business fails, you fear feeling humiliated. 


Our self-preservation makes us want to avoid discomfort. It's really normal to feel this way. We'd generally rather feel comfortable than uncomfortable. But moving forward brings up unease. And that's okay!


Tips to support you:

  • If a negative belief is attached to a goal, ask yourself, “what if I’m wrong and it will be fabulous?”
  • Ask yourself, “What does this fear remind me of, and what do I need now? 
  • Remember to always put your self-respect front and center. 


Exits and Buffers

There are so many ways to avoid ourselves, it’s amazing! Exiting from the moment can look different for everyone, but they all exist to provide comfort and distraction. These quick fixes might look like:


  • Overeating foods that don't nourish us
  • Buying unnecessary items for a dopamine lift
  • Numbing out on screens without limits
  • Overindulging in substances
  • Compulsively scrolling on social media
  • Avoiding self-reflection altogether by keeping constantly busy.


Procrastination Hack? Inner Allies will help!

Putting off your  tasks can create even more anxiety, so let me give you the best hack of them all.  


  1. Put a hand towel over your head for 8 minutes to reset your brain from sensory overload.
  2. Imagine all your invisible helpers are there to give you support.
  3. Imagine one ally as your nurturer giving you a hug and validation that you have a lot of pressure on you.
  4. Imagine a wise being telling you that this task is super easy and fun.


After a few minutes, you will emerge refreshed and ready to do some work.  It’s important that you keep your blood sugar regulated, because being hungry can also turn off your executive functioning.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  Eating meals on time is our public service to the world, am I right?  


Consider gently:

  • How is my blood sugar?
  • Is my brain reset and ready to work?
  • What do you truly need at this moment? 



Activating the adult part of us can get on board with preparing your brain before you work.  It’s like exercising without stretching.  Procrastination and self-sabotage are a natural reaction to showing up to the task unprepared. Our brain is our main tool!

Would you like to be taken through the process of releasing procrastination and self-sabotage? The information above is from a class inside the Mastery section of the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle. There you will find a step-by-step healing path to help you build a strong and resilient foundation to overcome procrastination tendencies and self-sabotaging behaviors.


You can find the Releasing Procrastination and Self-Sabotage healing class in the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle.

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The Invoke and Release® Healing Modality helps you:

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Joining the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle provides these benefits:

  • Removing shame and fear creates space for motivation and excitement about your dreams
  • Enabling you to take small steps forward and build confidence
  • Feel more at ease to delegate tasks or say no to non-essentials


If you feel called to release procrastination and self-sabotage, I encourage exploring the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle. With an open mind and heart, you can access profound inner resources to anchor and illuminate your journey.

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