The #1 Guide to Understanding Your Body's Cry for Help

May 03, 2024

Do you dismiss body pain and stress as mere physical annoyance? What if these symptoms actually carried deeper messages about our emotional health?

Woody Allen once said, "I never get angry. I just grow a tumor." 

Let's try to avoid literally "growing tumors" by tuning into what our bodies are trying to tell us, shall we? Our focus is on building up pillars of health. And today we're going to specifically zoom in on befriending and caring for our hardworking bodies. Tuning into our bodies is so key, my friend.


In this blog, you'll learn:

  • How to connect body, mind, and spirit
  • Defining ourselves beyond our wounds
  • The link between trauma and illness
  • Developing emotional competence
  • The 7 A's of healing
  • Anne's inspirational story


Connecting Body, Mind, and Spirit

Okay it’s time to dive into our feelings and learn about the impact of our thoughts and unprocessed emotions.  Uncomfortable with your emotions? No worries. As I tell my clients, imagine you’re 50-feet taller than all your emotions and have a posse of inner guides to support you. Ready? Let’s do this. Remember that study from Masaru Emoto's book The Hidden Messages in Water? Let me grab that for you.

Check out this picture. The first one shows a water crystal before Buddhist monks prayed over it, and the second one shows the water crystal after. His research showed us how polluted and toxic water, when exposed to prayer and intention, can be altered and restored to beautifully formed geometric crystals found in clean, healthy water. We are mostly water people!

This is why I love it when you activate your guides and why meeting them is so important. Having buddies like that, even if they're our own inner crew, makes our vibration more positive and healthy. Total motivator to stop insulting yourself.  If you get the book, it shows how water crystals change form with positive loving words, vs critical punitive words.  Just saying, be nice to yourself. 


Defining Ourselves Beyond Our Wounds

Back in the day, Caroline Myss had a book titled Why People Don't Heal and How They Can. She talked about how we often define ourselves by our wounds. While trauma impacts us, we don't have to let it define our personality. We can separate from it and avoid replaying icky memories over and over.

This is why it’s important to integrate those experiences. It doesn't mean pretending that bad things haven't happened, but more like washing off the residue from the ordeal, so you can fully be present now. It's recognizing those things don't define who we are. Like a friend once told me, "Our history or experiences aren't personal. It's like being born with brown eyes - you get what you get." Super helpful back then. 

Caroline Myss also made another big point - that being healthy might mean being alone. If we connect with others through shared pain, or if expressing our pain keeps us safe from envy, we might accidentally create a community based on feeling bad. That drags down our vibration listening and sharing what’s not working in order to have connection. This idea reminded me of that book I received as a gift that I mentioned above called The Hidden Messages in Water.  It made me rethink and reframe some beliefs!

Examine your beliefs and actively rewrite them in a way that's more accurate. We're not defined by pain. We simply get scared if we feel unfamiliar pain in our body, and brace against it, causing more emotional inflammation.


The Link Between Trauma and Illness

Now let's talk about Dr. Gabor Maté, author of When the Body Says No. He did studies and found four factors linked to autoimmune diseases like MS (Multiple Sclerosis). It's so key to know these since they show up with different illnesses.

  1. Too much emotional involvement with a toxic parent or family member. When we feel that heavy burden and are too merged, without a sense of self, sickness can happen.
  2. Lack of independence, needing approval and handing over authority. Maybe to a partner or in situations where we constantly want approval or give away our power. That's super hard on the body.
  3. Overwhelming need for love/affection, plus constant search for approval. You're scanning - Who likes me? Who doesn't?
  4. Can't feel or express anger, so it gets pent up.


Gabor Maté also linked personality types to certain illnesses:

  • Type A personalities, angry and wound up, often get heart disease because they want control.
  • Type B personalities, more balanced, have fewer issues. They express emotions but don't lose themselves.
  • Type C personalities, cooperative but passive, are cancer-prone from suppressing anger.


For emotional competence, three things are key:

  1. Feeling and naming emotions in the moment. "I'm angry now but won't lash out. I'll just name this feeling."
  2. Expressing feelings effectively while keeping boundaries. Not "You made me furious!" but "Wow, I'm full of rage. I'll take space to process."
  3. Telling current experiences apart from trauma responses, avoiding unnecessary replay of past stuff.


If something reasonably small makes us freak out at level 8, we can say "I think I'm thrown off - I’m going to take a break, and be back in 3 hours." Think of this act as you adulting and not causing trauma for someone else.  See how nice you are? 


Another fabulous example of the body mind connection is the biologist Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief. Our genes switch on/off positively or negatively based on the environment. We could be in beautiful Bali, chilling and having fun. But if we think, "This experience should be different or better," everything changes. Our personal inner environment matters so much! That's why I always say to start days conversing with your inner guides. 


Need more tips? Here you go:

The 7 A's of Healing according to Gabor Maté: (Modified)

  • Acceptance - Don't argue with reality. Doesn't mean rape "should" happen. But we want you to process being violated, not pretend horrible things don't occur.
  • Awareness - Be clear on your state and needs. How am I talking to myself? What do I need - boundaries, space?
  • Anger - You have a right to feel angry. No need for vengeance, but all emotions are allowed.
  • Autonomy - Self-soothe and deepen trust. Don't constantly survey friends for validation. Build your inner wisdom.
  • Attachment - Connect to self, others, the world. Feeling disconnected causes suffering, so believe you belong.
  • Assertion - Be proud of who you are. Everyday adds another layer of wisdom.
  • Affirmation - Value and take up space. You're allowed to be here!



Anne's Inspirational Story

Let me quickly tell you about my client Anne (not her real name). Like Steve Jobs, she had pancreatic cancer. As an exec earning her company $15 million a year, she was praised for doing so much. But with kids away at college and divorcing her husband, she got very sick. Her doctor sent her to me for somatic trauma work during treatment.

Here's what I learned: Even though Anne's dad died in an accident before she was born, when her mom was 26, her mom kind of froze in grief. She became obese, disabled, and never worked. Because Anne’s mother was always depressed, Anne’s coping strategy was to avoid all “negative” emotions from herself and the world.  

She became everyone's cheerleader, trying to prevent all suffering. She felt so responsible that as the youngest sibling, she remains her mom's cheerleader to this day.

Anne realized that to feel safe without solid parents, she needed to handle everything. She never properly grieved her dad or learned to be around emotions.

The moral: Our body is so wise and has messages for us. Being curious about our pain and stress is easier when we remember Your body is your healing ally, so make your body your bestie!



If you're still feeling sensitive or some other images are popping up, take these key points:

  1. Reframe your scary thoughts to support you. Respectful self-talk matters!
  2. Get your friends to join in on a negative thought diet. You can ask people, “Hey, I'm doing this project where I'm trying to notice when I say negative things. Can you help me out?” This will cue them to stop too. 
  3. Keep your vibration high by starting your day listening to something uplifting and motivating. This will be great for your body. 


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