Your Next Steps to Implementing the New You

Apr 12, 2024

Hey, friend! First off, a huge congratulations to you if you’ve been followed along. This is the ninth blog from the series of the core training class, “Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™”! Navigating through the residue of conditioning may have been a bit uncomfortable, but it ultimately paved the way for you to blast through obstacles on your journey to the true you.

I genuinely believe this voyage has built a strong foundation for you to smoothly integrate and stand up for both yourself and your dreams, armed with the tools you need. And remember, as you move through this, there's no need to fear feeling scared, because now you can remind yourself, "I've got resilience on my side!"


Now, let's take a cheerful stroll down the healing path:

  1. You've laid the groundwork to commit to yourself. Lovely!
  2. Your courage led you to start meeting your inner guides, and building more inner resources. Nicely done!
  3. You took the plunge into the healing process, connecting with your body, which said "yes" to healing. Woo-hoo!
  4. Awareness creation has begun. You go!
  5. You're starting to feel more empowered with yourself and your handy tools. I'm hoping that's true for you. High five!
  6. You've explored guided imagery, tapping, and EFT, checking out what these fun practices offer. Way to go!
  7. You now grasp Invoke and Release® more, engaging in chats with your guides and tapping into your wisdom. It's all about building self-trust. Yay, you!


How To Integrate Your New Self Through Positive Habits and Self-Care

Now, let's get pumped for the next steps on this journey. As we move through life with these tools, the twists and turns feel less scary. You've probably heard the famous Anthony de Mello saying, "Enlightenment is absolute cooperation with the inevitable." This speaks to embracing life's ups and downs with mindfulness and acceptance.

Jiddu Krishnamurti sums up his secret to happiness as, "I don't mind what happens next." Not minding what happens also means not minding your emotional reaction to it—whether it's a meltdown or a freak-out. Acknowledge it, give yourself a high-five for moving through it, and then bounce back. The goal is to deepen your experience as you navigate life.

That's exactly why I wanted to give you this foundation—it sets you up for a more enriching journey, especially if you decide to join the membership. As you keep deepening this process, there's so much more to explore, from finances to forgiveness and managing anxiety and overwhelm. Even if you decide mastering and refining what you learned is not for you, you now have a solid foundation. 

The exciting part is you'll find yourself trusting yourself more than ever. You'll cultivate a caring relationship with yourself—being curious and kind, and offering love and compassion. This newfound self-care will positively impact everyone around you. Even your inner critic will start to soften.



  1. Connect New Habits to Things You Enjoy

When adding new habits, try connecting them to something you love. It's not just about quitting smoking or giving up pizza. It's about weaving these changes into your life fabric in a way that aligns with your enjoyment and fulfillment.

There's this Stanford professor, BJ Fogg, who did studies challenging the idea that it takes 21 days to form a habit. According to him, what really matters is pairing the habit with something positive. For example, he wanted more movement in his routine with his desk job. So, he cleverly paired push-ups with bathroom breaks, like Pavlov's dog (but cleaner!). 

Another tip is laying out gym clothes the night before to set up a morning workout or refreshing walk routine. Even if you work from home, keeping a routine—like showering and dressing—is key. 

Since I work from home and don’t often wear shoes, I love wearing my fun John Fluevog shoes when doing errands. Though I was told they were, “too much shoe for San Diego,” wearing them reminds me of my inner urban self, and it helps make positive associations to infuse cheer into my life, helping me get out of leisure wear and actually make an effort. 


  1. Establish Helpful Routines 

Having a routine helps eliminate decision fatigue, which increases cortisol and stress. You may have heard how websites with too much stuff can overwhelm visitors, causing decision fatigue and exits. So, like streamlining a site, simplifying your routine can mean a stress-free, effective day.

Wearing the same outfit daily might seem odd but has psychology behind it. Some folks adopt a consistent daily outfit to conserve mental energy for important decisions. It minimizes time spent on small wardrobe choices. You may think of tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs who famously wore the same basic tee and jeans every day. 

While their motive was efficiency, not fashion, the concept illustrates how establishing simple routines can eliminate extra decisions and preserve brainpower for big-picture thinking. 

So don't be afraid to embrace the power of uniform dressing if it suits your lifestyle! The bonus is more time and mental clarity to devote to meaningful goals. Without routines or a plan, it's easy to default to easier things, like YouTube binging.


  1. Try Ten-Day Sprints

Now, let's chat about sprints—setting a ten-day timeframe. Seeing life as an endless trek toward a goal can feel daunting. Instead, break it into ten-day sprints. Pick a clear start and end date, then reward the effort. For instance, if you're working on weight loss, a ten-day sprint of healthy eating and exercise deserves celebration, not a binge.

For productivity, set two-hour blocks, turn off distractions, and focus for 75 minutes, then take a 15-minute break. It makes your routine more fun.


  1. Find Your Tribe

In these weird times, finding your people is key. Online or in person groups let you connect with like-minded folks. Surrounding yourself with positive people maintains a sunny mindset. 

But if your circle trends negatively, it's natural to adopt similar attitudes. That's why finding your crew, even online, can hugely impact your well-being. If positivity is hard to find, immerse yourself in upbeat podcasts or audiobooks.


Let's delve into ten tips to help you stay on track:

  1. Be clear and do what matters the most.
  2. Watch your interruptions. Block out time in your schedule for what you want to do. Turn off notifications.
  3. Stop and exercise in a high-energy way for 15 minutes a day to stay motivated.
  4. Eat well and be mindful of what you put in your mouth.
  5. Get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep for your nervous system.
  6. Try a 10-day sprint to accomplish tasks and feel successful.
  7. Don't multitask. Focus on one task at a time.
  8. Do tasks when your brain works best, like mornings or evenings.
  9. Hang out with like-minded people or listen to supportive podcasts.
  10. Distance yourself from people who don't support your dreams.


Releasing Limiting Roles and Beliefs: Brenda’s Story

Let me share a little story about a client, whom we'll refer to as Brenda for confidentiality purposes.

As we worked together, Brenda uncovered layers of trauma and released them through healing techniques. An interesting realization emerged - beneath the surface issues, Brenda's core identity was limiting her growth.

She had long seen herself as the caretaker role requiring control. Brenda clung to the savior status, fearing she'd be lost without it. She thought, "I don't trust I can live differently." We explored whether these beliefs stemmed from past experiences or habitual thought patterns. 

Though committed to change, Brenda feared losing belonging. If she gave to everyone, she was certain she was needed and valued. She thought she had to serve others to be loved.  Despite understanding the need to prioritize herself, she struggled to let go.

Through ongoing work, Brenda gained the strength to implement her new identity. A woman who could be loved while treating everyone around her like the adults that they were. With all her time back, her health improved and she found time for personal interests.  An impactful ritual involved bidding farewell to her former identity, empowered her to move forward. She also realized the futility of controlling others - it merely delayed her own progress. 

Ultimately, Brenda's journey allowed her to overcome barriers and find empowerment. By releasing limiting roles and beliefs, she discovered her true self.

Brenda's story illustrates how old unconscious identities can hinder us. Are you in a life trance playing a role you were not even aware of?  As we embark on doing healing work, remember growth is a gradual process. Any overwhelmed feelings are temporary and mean you're making progress! Be patient and caring with yourself.

Would you like to be taken through the process of implementing the new you and taking your next steps? This information above is from my deep dive series called Reveal and Heal Obstacles to Your Success™. There you will find tips to cultivate positive habits, continue your healing journey, release limiting beliefs, and celebrate progress as you evolve.



You can find Implementing the New You – Your Next Steps healing class in the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle


You will learn about the healing method Invoke and Release® which is a powerful tool to help you let go of emotional obstacles so you can feel free to live the life you want.


The Invoke and Release® process helps you:

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  • Strengthen your ability to receive their guidance and wisdom.
  • Implement the new and better you


Joining the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle provides:

  • Expanded practices for integrating your new self and taking steps forward.
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If you feel called to deepen your relationship with your inner self as you implement changes, I encourage exploring the Invoke and Release® Healing Circle. With an open mind and heart, you can access profound inner resources to anchor and illuminate your path.

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